Almedalen 2019

We are happy to be invited to Almedalen 2019 for 4 panels, and will be there Sunday to Thursday!

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“Why doesn’t Sweden Attract more migrants?”

Monday - July 1st at 11:00, Hästgatan 1 - hosted by Lund Kommun


“Labor Migration - How can Sweden be the world’s best?”

Monday - July 1st at B-huset, Uppsala universitet, Huvudentré Cramérgatan 3 - hosted by Entreprenörskapsforum & företagarna


“Kompetensutvisning - how to stop the misery?”

Wednesday - July 3rd at 13:00, Almedalens Hotell, Strandvägen 8 - hosted by Almega


“Labor Migration to Sweden - Nice Working Conditions Instead of Kompetensutvisning”

Thursday - July 3th, Cramérgatan, H320 (together with our partners WPHA!) hosted by Arena Ide