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Kompetensutvisning Baseline: Feb 11 & 21

The' Kompetensutvisning Baseline' will be a visual publication of the survey results of our survey, published on our website and a PDF. Due to the massive amount of data we will release it in two parts:

  • Feb 11th: Perspective - Labor Market / Sweden - out now!

  • Feb 21st: Perspective - Individual / Rule of Law

The Diversify Foundation has decided that the best way to make maximum impact as fast as possible is to publish the results of the survey (not a report, yet) with 3 clear recommendations:  


Immediately stop the deportation processes of non-EU workers, extending their permit, who committed no crime, while the government conducts its review of visas for high-skill workers as per the government’s four party agreement.


Stop the threats to employers who did nothing wrong, were misinformed, and aren’t mistreating workers.


Standardize, digitize, and inform workers and employers of a clear, transparent, and fair system for labor migration in Sweden.

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