Dignified employment for everyone


We are a non-political, non-profit focused on understanding and visualizing the obstacles and potential for a diverse and open labor market in Sweden.

All together, for a prosperous society.

We believe that together we can make our society strong and our world better. Together, each one of us with our own unique contribution.

The Diversify Foundation envisions a world where diversity is an inherent part of every workplace; Where diversity in skills, knowledge, background, ethnicity, age and genderis viewed as a key driver of success and where every person has the opportunity to develop their own role and meaning in the workplace, contributing to increased dignity and a prosperous society. 

Diversify Foundation is a non-religious, non-profit and politically independent foundation.

We promote a greater understanding of diversity and flexible dynamics of the future labor market; and support initiatives that help newcomers and other groups in society who find it difficult to access the labor market.

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, we see the world as our field of interest.


Matt Kriteman
Chief Operating Offier