Diversify Foundation was started as an asset manager for Just Arrived AB, and has then moved on to find its own way to contribute through continuous operations (services) and needs-based projects in line with the foundation’s constitution. Below you’ll see a brief story about the projects we’ve completed so far.

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Now: Kompetensutvisning

In 2018 a new ruling was supposed to end the threat of deportations of foreign workers due to minor administrative mistakes. When Ali Omumi’s appeal against deportation due to a minor flaw from a previous employer was denied in Apr. 2018, we decided to launch a formal survey. See results

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2017: A voice for those who don’t have one - the asylum seekers

The debate has ranted off and on about the large amount of refugees that fled to Sweden and filed for asylum during the “refugee crisis” in 2015. No one really listened to what this group had to say, so we decided to. Send me the report

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2016: Just Arrived - giving newcomers a foot in the labor market

While others saw problems, we saw people with ambition and goals. 150 individuals from nearly 50 different organizations came together to pro-bono build the social business Just Arrived - a digital, nische, staffing company specialized in matching foreign born talent with Swedish companies in need of skilled labor. Just Arrived